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photo courtesy of Pepper Nix

the Proposal

Brigette + Daniels, Bridgerton inspired wedding took place in the scenic backdrop of Sundance, UT.  The couple knew they wanted to get married somewhere that had special meaning and fell in love with the location for its peacefulness and beauty. They currently reside in Texas and like to spend time cooking, cheering on their favorite sports teams, traveling and trying new restaurants.  When thinking about their special day, they commented that seeing each other for the first time and sharing time with their friends and family is what they looked forward to most.

watch the magic

sundance fim

about Jared Wortley Films

Jared Wortley Films specializes in destination weddings and events in the mountain areas of Jackson, Napa and Deer Valley.


Each touchpoint and offering is handcrafted and client tailored with the highest priority placed on blending the client experience and creative process.


Working collectively with his wife and business partner Ashley, JWF provides clients with guidance on collections and timelines while ensuring the wedding day allows for expressiveness and spontaneity. This intentional and focused approach allows each and every client story to be captured seamlessly through the power of film.

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